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What happens if I re-invest my money in a preservation fund when I change jobs?

  • No tax applicable, unless you transfer from a pension fund to a preservation provident fund
  • You can access your savings at any time before retirement by making a once-off full or partial withdrawal. This applies independently to your savings in each retirement fund you leave. Cash withdrawals are subject to tax. You retain this right if not used at the time you leave your retirement fund
  • You can cash some of your savings, but you may have to pay tax on the cash you take
  • You are responsible for your own decisions. You choose your financial service providers and investment managers. You can transfer your savings at any time to another provider or asset manager
  • You may not make ongoing contributions
  • Costs will vary a lot between different providers. Your ability to negotiate may be limited. Greater flexibility usually comes at a greater cost
  • The minimum requirement will vary between different providers

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