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Why should I consider leaving my retirement benefit in the fund?

The legislation allows you to leave your money invested in the fund and to postpone your retirement from the fund. Although you will have to retire from the service of your employer, you do not have to retire from your current retirement fund and therefore you can remain a member of the fund. This means you will become a “Phased retiree”.

Leaving your money invested in the fund has many advantages for you, like: 

  • You don’t have to withdraw your member share immediately and possibly lose out in bad market conditions
  • You have time to think about what it is you will be doing with your member share. You may decide to retire from the fund at any stage in the future
  • You continue to benefit from the favourable tax treatment of your member share within a retirement fund
Important note:

Most fund rules will not allow you to make further contributions to the fund, nor will you be entitled to any insured benefits offered by the fund

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