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When and how can I get access to my benefits in my retirement fund?

You must remember the money you saved in your retirement fund is meant to be used for your income in retirement.

Benefits may become due to you (or your beneficiaries) on the following events:

  • When you resign, are dismissed or retrenched.
  • If your employer closes down (liquidates) or if the company sponsored retirement fund is closed down.
  • When you retire
  • On your death.

On any of these occasions, you will have to decide on what to do with your current retirement savings in the fund. You should seriously consider preserving your retirement savings whenever a benefit from the fund becomes due to you.

Taking your savings in cash is tempting, but this decision could affect you now and later. Preserving your retirement savings will avoid the negative impact of taking cash.

Important note:

It is against the law to resign from your employer (without the intention to actually terminate your service) in order to have your withdrawal benefit paid out. Members and their employers may be prosecuted if they are found to have been involved in this malpractice.

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