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What documentation should be submitted by my ex-spouse when claiming payment from my retirement fund?

Checklist of information to submit:

 Documents to be submitted

The Administrator of the retirement fund’s application form.


Certified copy of non-member spouse’s identity document or passport.


Certified copy of the marriage certificate.


Certified copy of the divorce order and settlement agreement, if applicable (each page must be stamped by the court )

5One of the following:
  • Certified copy of the antenuptial contract (if married out of community of property on or after 1 November 1984)
  • written confirmation by the parties as to the matrimonial property regime if;
  • married in community of property; or
  • married out of community of property

If the divorce order was previously submitted to the retirement fund, but did not meet the requirements of section 7(8) of the Divorce Act, the retirement fund would not have been able to make payment to your ex-spouse. Once the divorce order has been amended by the court to bring it in line with the legislative requirements, the following documents must be submitted to the retirement fund (in addition to those above).

 Documents to be submitted

Application papers, being the notice of motion and supporting affidavits (each page stamped by the court).


Variation order (each page stamped by the court).

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