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Is there legislation that may impact my withdrawal benefit when I change jobs?

Recent changes to legislation (i.e. the amended Regulations issued in terms of the Pension Funds Act) requires pension and provident funds to offer a default preservation option to members who leave their employers’ employment, In other words, the fund must allow members to leave their accumulated retirement savings in the fund and become a “paid-up” member.  

When you leave your employer, and the fund becomes aware thereof, the fund must make you a “paid-up” member until you instruct the fund to either payout or transfer the benefit due to you (or a combination of the two). 

The fund must give you a paid-up membership certificate within 2 calendar months of becoming aware that you are no longer employed by the participating employer.

In addition, funds should be able to automatically accept your balances from other retirement funds to ensure your retirement savings follow you from employer to employer.

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